MowWow Animals A Curriculum in Humane Education

Did you say Mow Wow?

Yes! Mow Wow is a new animal in humane education. Mow Wow Animals is an online learning program in humane education designed to satisfy the requirement laid out in the Education Code of the California Department of Education that students be taught about the ethical issues and responsibilities inherent to the human relationship with animals.

Why Mow Wow Animals? Mow Wow Animals recognizes the natural affinity that young people have for other living beings and seeks to enrich their lives by encouraging them to learn about the lives of animals. The lessons foster a sense of civic and personal responsibility.

Mow Wow Animals is designed for busy teachers. It has been organized to supplement the teaching of science, social studies, and language arts, and to conform to the curriculum content standards of the California State Board of Education.


Mow Wow Animals was created by Carole Hyde, with the generous assistance of the Palo Alto Humane Society.

The curriculum was developed by Teri Baldini, Leonor Delgado, Pamela Holway, Carole Hyde, and Susan Weisburg. Translations were provided by Leonor Delgado. Illustrations and animations were created by BriscoeArt with musical score by Philip Giffin (BMI). Cara Stoneburner from the Palo Alto Unified School District served as advisor to the Mow Wow project.