MowWow Animals A Curriculum in Humane Education

Spanish-language Content

All lessons in Levels 1 and 2 have a parallel version with Spanish-language components. The sections offering content in Spanish include:

Discussion: Questions and answers based on the animated cartoon (Mow Wow movie) are provided in Spanish, along with suggestions for classroom use.

Poem (or other literary selection): These selections generally consist of original literature in Spanish appropriate to age and grade level. In a few cases, however, translations into Spanish of literature or folklore from Native American and other cultures are offered.

Activities: There are Spanish-language versions of all worksheets that form part of the activities.

Spelling, Writing, and Vocabulary: This section has been adapted for the needs of Spanish-speaking students, including all necessary worksheets.

Mow Wow Glossary: The target words and terms are generally the same as in English, allowing for differences between the two languages, and their definitions are similar to those offered in English.

Suggested Books: Whenever possible, books are Spanish-language versions of those recommended in English so that all students will be reading the same content and learning the same concepts. In some cases, bilingual (English and Spanish) books are suggested, and in others, books similar in content to the English-language recommendations are listed.

Lessons for Level 1—Spanish-language version
Lessons for Level 2—Spanish-language version