MowWow Animals A Curriculum in Humane Education

Spanish-language Level 1 Lessons: Grades K-2

Before using the Mow Wow Animals curriculum, please be sure to read Getting Started.

Lección 1: Animales en el mundo natural—Compartir la Tierra

The focus of this lesson is the natural world and its inhabitants. Children will be asked to think about wild animals and the role of wild animals in the world around us. Children will begin to understand the importance of the natural world and their relation to it.

Lección 2: ¿Quién vive en el jardín?

The focus of this lesson is urban wildlife—those animals who share living space with people. Children will learn about such animals as raccoons and squirrels who may visit the yard in search of food or shelter. Two animated features provide the basis for discussing why wild animals live among us and how we and our pets can coexist with urbanized wildlife.

Lección 3: Los animales que llamamos mascotas

The focus of this lesson is domestic animals, primarily those we call pets. Children will be asked to think about what defines a pet and why we keep pets. The animated feature contrasts the treatment given to two different dogs, one of whom is chained outdoors and another with whom a child is playing inside a home. The feature encourages children to ask what a pet needs in order to be happy.